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Compositions and recorded music by Gustavo Leone are available printed by C. F. Peters, New York, Lyon and Healy, Chicago, and ONE L, Chicago, or may be requested directly from the composer.



Notice of Copyright:
©Gustavo Leone retains the copyright © of every composition and version in all formats. You may consider his music for including in concert programs according with usual procedures, but records and/or distribution of any kind and in any format should request prior release of copyright to Gustavo Leone.
Commercial use, secondary versions, or any no licensed use are prohibited, will constitute a crime, and should be prosecuted.

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selected works

Chamber Music

String Quartet No. 5, 2018, 12 minutes

String Quartet No. 4, 2016, 15 minutes


String Quartet No. 3, 2015, 20 minutes


Corson, for trumpetand tape, 2014, 11 minutes

Facetada, for violin, cello and guitar, 2012, 14 minutes

Scenes for String Quartet, 2011, 14 minutes

Álea, for variable ensemble and tape, 2009, 6 minutes

String Quartet No. 2, 2009-10, 18 minutes

Mobiles II, for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and saxophone, 2009, 11 minutes

Changing Violet, for marimba and piano, commissioned by Mary Drews in memory of her teacher Constance Koehne, 2009, 13 minutes

Facetada, for flute, clarinet and piano, 2007, 14 minutes

Una voz, un grito, un lamento, for string quartet, 2006, 8:30 minutes

Blue Sextet, for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello, and piano, 2006, 10 minutes

Moving Lights, for chamber orchestra, 2005, 10 minutes

Ritmos I, for brass ensemble, 2003, 11 minutes

Green Quintet, for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano, 2002, 13 minutes

Red Quintet, for harp and string quartet, 2002, 12 minutes

Mobiles I, for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, and horn, 2001, 11 minutes

Devoto Viejo, a tango for violin and piano, 2009, 5 minutes

Six Violin Studies, for solo violin, 1998, 5 minutes

Sextet, for flute, oboe, violin, viola, cello and piano, 1996, 10 minutes

String Quartet No.1, for string quartet and voice, 1995, 19 minutes

Refrains, for harp and oboe, 1995, 10 minutes

J'ai vu le loup, for harp and a monophonic instrument, 1996, 4 minutes


Harp Music

In Orange and Blue, for harp and tape, 2015, 5 minutes

Racconti, in memory of Lucile Lawrence, for harp, commissioned by Faye Seeman, 2007, 13 minutes

Musical Studies, for solo harp, 1997, 19 minutes

Harp concerto, for harp and piano, as a Katherine Abelson commission for Concertante di Chicago and Elizabeth Cifani, 1995, 20 minutes

Preludes, for solo harp commissioned by the Katherine Abelson Foundation, Chicago, Illinois, 1995, 25 minutes

Vocal and Choral Music

Alle fronde dei salici, for two sopranos, fulte, violoncello, 2014, 7 minutes

Absurdópera, for five singers/actors and string quartet, 2012, 60 minutes. This work is a combination of Words and Music and The Leader, each one as an act of a comic opera.

Words and Music, for voice, one actor and string quartet, 2011, 27 minutes

Cánticos, for voice and string orchestra, singers also play percussion, 2006

The Leader, one-act comic opera based on Eugene Ionesco's Le Maitre (1958) for five voices and one actor, in English, and string quartet, piano-vocal version available, 2010, 25 minutes

Art of Birds, for four-part choir, commissioned by His Majesties Clerkes, poems by Jeff Schiff and Pablo Neruda, 2000, 10 minutes

Chant de Mort, for voice and piano, poem in French by Henry Michaux, 1997, 10 minutes

Chant du Ciel, for double-choir, poem in French by Robert Desnos, 1997, 10 minutes

Orchestral Music

Fantasía Tardía, for violin and chamber orchestra, 2012, 12 minutes

Una voz, un grito, un lamento, for string orchestra, 2010, 8:30 minutes

Recuerdos, a tango for orchestra in memory of Dr. Makas, 2009, 5 minutes

Fantasía Tambú, for violin and chamber orchestra, commissioned by Ron Kiel and the San Luis Obispo Chamber Orchestra, 2008, 13 minutes

Mundo, for voice and orchestra, in Quiche, the language of the Mayans, 2006, 15 minutes

Como un Sueño, for harp and orchestra, commissioned by Faye Seeman, 2006, 21-23 minutes

Triam, for orchestra, 2005, 7 minutes

Meccano, for orchestra, 2004, 4 minutes

Harp Concerto, for harp and orchestra, as a Katherine Abelson commission for Concertante di Chicago and Elizabeth Cifani, 1995, 20 minutes

Moving Lights, for large chamber ensemble with voice, 2005, 10 minutes

A Symphony, for orchestra, 1998, 12 minutes